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This is the course that is required after you have filed for bankruptcy and have been assigned a bankruptcy case number.

Step 1

Register and pay for the course. We will ask for name and contact information, please double check that your information is correct. We will need your bankruptcy case number during registration; you can find this on any paperwork that you received from the court. Couples are both required to participate in the session to receive a certificate of completion. If you are paying through your attorney then simply input their Attorney Code. The fee is $12 for an individual or couple, unless you qualify for a fee waiver.

Step 2

Watch the two hour video "Reaching Your Financial Goals". As you watch the video there will be six confirmation words, write them down. You may use the Download Summary Sheet or simply a piece of paper to print the words. The workbook provided can be used as a review after you have completed the course.

Download Summary Sheet Download Workbook
To view our documents, please use Adobe Reader. You can download Adobe Reader free here.

Step 3

Confirmation words, test questions, and optional survey. During the last portion of the course you will be asked for the confirmation words that you recorded while watching the video. You will also answer test questions regarding the video and will be asked to complete a short survey. The test is informational and not pass/fail. You will receive your certificate of completion when all the steps are complete.

For users with mobile devices on a data plan

Our Financial Education video is apoximately 500MB (megabytes) in data size.
Please be aware of your data usage with your service provider.